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[15 Jan 2005|01:16am]

Why this weekend is good:

I don't have any homework

Three days of relaxing

Hanging out with friends/tp'ing/shopping/watching cellular

I joined the BHC and plan to work out a lot.

The acceptance letter I got from Michigan after 10 weeks!  (My parents were crying) lol. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Merry Christmas Eve! [24 Dec 2004|04:16pm]

I'm in Georgia right now!  I'll be back Tuesday or Wednesday...


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[13 Nov 2004|12:11pm]
Finally got into MICHIGAN STATE today!
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[22 Sep 2004|10:45pm]
So..no update in a while. I dont have much to say. but here's what's going on..the +'s and -'s

- mr. wagner tells us what the ap econ test is...then puts random stuff on there and everyone fails.
- i have soooo much homework
- i work every night
- i'm in band and have to go to xblock rehearsal tomorrow.
- i should be studying for my spanish test
- i can't go on spring break anymore
- i don't know where i want to go to college and i need to fill out the rest of the applications

+ andy im'ed me
+ i'm going to hawaii
+ Renee Lynn Nowak is hilarious and always puts me in a good mood.

that's about it. i have no time to update.
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[03 Sep 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hmm...my birthday was okay. I got some nice presents from my family, like my varsity jacket and new clothes. School is okay...economics is hard and I do not understand anything. School is weird cause last year i had like 4 classes with Stephanie, and know I haven't seen her once this year. I haven't even seen her once in the hallway. I thought she didn't go to groves or something. lol.

Work is okay too. they close in November which is good. lol. and i babysit a few days a week. I need money if i go on spring break. Now I'm applying to colleges. I filled out two applications today. so i'm glad I finally got around to starting. I still have to do a few essays though. and get my recommendations. I really don't know where I want to go.. AHHH.

My family minus my dad and I went up north so it's kinda quiet in the house and i have time to fill this stuff out. and it's good because my dad doesn't care about anything. So i better go finish this app. then i'm going to a midnight movie (fast times at ridgemont high) in bham. adios.

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[29 Aug 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | blah ]

Today is my 17th Birthday.

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[25 Aug 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I have a lot to say. but i cannot write it all here. The past few days of summer have been some of the best. We met Mike. haha. skateboarding. beverly park. bill's car. ice cream. soccer game. swimming. basketball. friends. It was the best summer ever.

Now I'm back to school and I'm falling behind already. I have homework in about five classes on the first night, and being the slacker I am, I haven't finished it all. I still need to read a chapter for physics tomorrow, etc. The day was long and slow.

advanced writing: fun, mr. inloes is a good teacher
h. physics: eh..pretty small class which is good. but i don't like science
speech: there are like 3 seniors in the class, I know one other person a sophomore, so we are partners for the first speech. mrs. shaheen is interesting
band: same as always
ap economics: i will probably fail
ap spanish: it's at groves, yet there are only 6 groves kids in my class, and 13 from seaholm. i don't get it.
precalc: i have general lee. AHHHH.

I had to babysit tonight and it was probably the worst babysitting job EVER. I was lectured for 2-3 hours on Kerry vs. Bush, and how republicans suck. All coming from an 11 year old, wearing his little lacoste polo, and loafers. He was visiting his grandparents who know me, because he's on a trip from Manhattan where he lives. He's 11 and he drinks. I went to the bathroom, come back he's making a MARTINI. I quickly take that away. I turn my head for a second and he's trying to smoke his grandpa's pipe. He's says he does it all the time. He tells me he is going to major in Economics and become the President of the United States. I had to sit and watch Jeopardy with him. The kid knows more vocabulary than anyone I know, and talked about how gorgeous venice is for an hour. The four hours I spent with this kid were probably the four slowest hours of my life, but when they gave me $60 in the end, $15 an hour wasn't so bad. It's going to the spring break fund...

SENIORITIS. I do not want to go to school tomorrow. back to the homework.

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[20 Aug 2004|04:52pm]
Today was the last day of band camp EVER. It wasn't a horrible week, and today everyone played red rover on the football field. lol. My mom and brother went to Chicago since we couldn't miss band camp and my dad is working like everyday till late at night and he might not come home tomorrow night. partay. jk jk. I have to work tonight and there are about 9244209 customers each night cause it's the dream cruise weekend. I cannot believe school starts on Wednesday...I had a great summer but I think I'm ready to go back. I am looking forward to the kickoff dance, football games, and enjoying senior year!! I have to go pick up dinner, work till 10, diana's house i think. bye.

[18 Aug 2004|04:40pm]
The last three days of band camp have been...long. and boring. At least this is the last camp ever because we are Seniors!! We have to march in some scrimmage tomorrow and we suck. whatever. We don't have to wear those bulky uniforms this year, just bands, a shirt, tie, and sunglasses?? i'm not sure.

I'm working every night this week. Ahh. I hope it rains and no one comes. I'm kinda tired. I slept over at Nora's house last night, with Becca. we watched some of chasing liberty, got about 4 hours of sleep and went to registration really early. I got number 9. I have never gotten lower than like 80 before. We got that done and went to IHOP but they closed their business for ever and we went to Einsteins.

At band camp, this movie director came from L.A. to film something about an asteroid coming to earth and we had to run in circles for like 20 minutes and i nearly died. Then we had to look in the sky and pretend we were scared or something. we weren't allowed to smile or we were cut out and i was laughing the whole time. It was messed up. I think the movie is called Atom 9 Adventures or something. I am definitely not going to see that one. The movie director is some kid in band camp's uncle. I don't know.

Two days of band camp, two days of weekend, two days of babysitting. Then school starts. My birthday is in....11 DAYS. woohoo. i'm going to post my schedule in here one day when it is corrected. okay, i need a nap. bye
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[15 Aug 2004|06:57pm]
Back from Northport. It was fun. hanging out with Cory, James, Katie, seaholm kids, croquet, bonfires. now I am home and have a fun week to look forward to..a week of band camp, 5 nights of working, oh yeah, then school. ahhh. I need to make these last days of summer fun!

Last night Nora, Caitlin, Cole and I got our d squrred, hung out, went to qp. it was fun. random people were in the field with candles. then we saw becky and emma on the swings! i hadn't seen becky in like 60 days so it was exciting. Hmm. yeah. i have to go back to work in a half hour but i don't want to. i would rather watch the Olympics. swimming and gymnastics. lol.

that's about it. i'm not looking forward to band camp tomorrow. My sister is a freshman now and she'll be there! ahhh. i'm going to die.
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[03 Aug 2004|10:50am]
I'm up north for two weeks! Leave me messages, it might get boring...
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[28 Jul 2004|12:03am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

It's been a couple days..I'm having a lot of fun this summer hanging out with friends every night. The other day I convinced my friends to see Napolean Dynamite. I really wanted to see it because it looked hilarious on the previews, and yes it was funny but it wasn't that great. My friends hated it and then we got in a fight. Hahahhaah. It was like our first fight ever and the greatest. I was mad at them for hating it and I thought they were being mean to me because i didn't want to see the Terminal. lol. the terminal sucks. anyways. haha

I slept over at Jenny's house last night with Becca and Nora. First we visited becca at Buddy's for dinner and went to jenny's to watch tv. We went in the hot tub and watched my best friends wedding. It was fun!! some good times from Nora's profile.
...look! they're dolphins!
...Take your hands off his body. We need you to take this down to PG.
...so, i got your napkins
...wtf man, wtf
...hump hump hump
...we saw you steal a hamster

I'm not working too much lately. I don't even care. I'm thinking about college so much lately it's insane. Hmm..I just found out I'm going up north for two weeks. I'm really excited because I'll see everyone from last summer but those are like the last weeks of summer. I come home and it's time for band camp :( the only part of band camp I will enjoy is spending the last week with my friends in band. hahaha. I just took my varsity jacket into the varsity shop the other day and I am adding waterpolo to it, taking xc off. There is a number three under my name on the front...birmingham on the top on the back, a yellow polo ball, then groves and water polo. It's nothing special but I wanted to have the jacket for this year. My mom gave me and my sister some money so I'm going shopping for some school stuff tomorrow. yeah it sucks. school is soon. seniors-woohoo. That's about it. bye

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[23 Jul 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want...

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[22 Jul 2004|01:30am]
I haven't updated in a while or anything. It's been a really fun week though.

I went shopping with Mines before she left for two weeks.
Sleepover with Becca, Nora and Jenny! A lot of food and no sleep.
Working nights
Shopping last night and then Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen at Nora's. Possibly the worst movie in history?? I had fun though.
Tonight was a great night. After work at 10 Nora and Becca came by and we drove around stopping at our favorite destination. It started pouring so we got out of the car and danced and hung out and it was another thing to cross of the summer list. We were soaked but I had so much fun.
I got another pay check today! yay.
I'm starting to save for spring break + researching possibilities. I can't wait.
that's all for now. bye!

[15 Jul 2004|04:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yesterday wasn't a good day.  But my friends made me happy so it was okay.  I went out to lunch with Becca and to Borders and then I had to work till 10:30 and when I came home the internet wasn't working so I was sad.  Becca and Nora came to get ice cream and we talked for a little bit after I got off work.  I can't really go out at night for a week so I came home and went to bed.  Today I got up and went to the library because the college book I put on hold came in.  It's 2000 pages long.  Since my computer was being annoying I went online here and researched phones.  My dad was home today from Marquette so after lunch he took me to T-Mobile. 

I GOT A NEW CELL PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yay.  It's not a camera phone, but it's a flip phone and I think it's cool.  It's a samsung e105.  I love it.  I only have like 1 number in my phone so far..so comment and leave yours!  Hehe.  I'm hyper.  g2g. bye!

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[14 Jul 2004|02:17am]
I was trying to remember what I did yesterday and I couldn't but I was reminded. I went to Cole's house, drove us to Little Caesars got hot and ready breadsticks. We went to the house, watched Real World Reunion, and ate 8 breadsticks each. And I was still hungry. It was a million carbs but I had fun!! hehe. I had to go home to clean my room though but i got a copy of the dashboard confessional cd!! Yay.
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[13 Jul 2004|11:32pm]
[ mood | random ]

Woah.  I just figured out how to use colors...and change the size too. lol.

I just wrote a really long entry but I decided that it was pointless and rambling so I'm going to make this short.


Anchorman with Becca...pointless but hilarious

Dairy Deluxe...cookie dough flurry

Driving around..quarton park..meeting random seaholm boys..2nd chances..best night of this summer


Slept in for my doctors appointment

got grounded

got ungrounded

work 7:30-10:30

Played football at Groves on a great night..not thunderstorming yet


New dentist appointment

Hang out with Becca


Lists and colors are fun....hehe

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[11 Jul 2004|12:09am]
Yesterday I went to the swim club (csc) with Becca and it was fun. I saw Cole and Lauren and some other people there. I got tan i think too! Lol. I worked from 7-10 and came home, got like two hours of sleep because the dog next door wouldn't stop howling or barking whatever. I was researching colleges for hours though. I still have no idea what I want/where I want to go. Here's where I want to apply so far:
..Michigan State
..um, that's about it. i need to see where i can get into that has a strong business/advertising/marketing school.

This morning I woke up, cleaned a little in my room, hung around and worked 2-6. It felt so long. Took my brother to the store. by the way, My brother is going crazy. He asked us today if we could call him Peter Parker and now wears a pair of glasses he found so he can look like him...whatever. that's another story. I went home for an hour and came back to work at 7-10. That went by pretty fast. Cole stopped by which was nice and becca with her sister the day before :)
Some people from work invited me to eat afterwards at 10:30 so when i got off at 10 i went home and asked my mom if i could go. she said no because i didn't sweep the floor good enough or something. haha and then she said she is now going to let my dad make all the decisions. sweet. he let's me stay out till it's illegal to drive. haha. like 12. can't wait till i'm 17. a month and a half. So anyways. Me, Ashley Lamb, Amy from southfield christian, kathy from dondero and alex, the one boy from kimball? where there. We got there a couple minutes before they closed so they still served us and just so you know i got spring rolls and pad thai w/chicken. mmm. Now i'm here. Researching some more..talking to friends.

Tomorrow I'm going to work 2-6. Then i don't know. But here's my crazy customer story of the day:

A woman comes to the counter and orders a medium twist, dipped in blue, rolled in almond crunch. It comes in a cone but she specifically asked for it in a cup so we made it..not a problem. She goes..I asked for this in a cone!!! So we make it in the cone and hand it to her. She answers. I wanted this in a cup. We start to get confused. She's like..."I want this in a cone and then put the cone in a cup okay!! If you weren't in such a hurry you would understand me." hahahahah. she was the only person in line at the whole store. no one was in a hurry. Okay so maybe this wasnt' a good story but maybe you just had to be there. lol.

That's about it. bye.
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Update... [09 Jul 2004|01:24am]
[ mood | happy ]

Monday: After White Chicks with Cole I went to Caitlin's house with Nora, Jenny and her mom bought us a cake! and chicken shack chicken, and fruit and a huge bag of candy so we had a food coma. Then we parked at seaholm and walked around for a while to burn off the 2302039 calories we just ate. lol. it was a lot of fun. we went to blockbuster and rented Drop Dead Gorgeous. It's pretty funny and then Becca came over after work to watch it. Went home.

Tuesday: I really don't remember. I think I slept till 12 or something, hung around the house and went to work.

Wednesday: Got up early. 10 am! lol. Hung around and picked Stephanie up at 1? It was too cloudy for swimming and rainy so we went to baja fresh for lunch which was good and then coldstone afterwards for ice cream. I had never been to either. It was good. The weather was looking good so we went to Woodside for awhile. Got tan on one side of the body. lol. I went to Stephanie's house afterwards. We hung out, had dinner, watched tv. It was fun! Good times. Then I came home but my parents said i had to be home pretty early because i was gone all day. yeah they are weird. So i went to Becca's to watch Simple Life 2 and then we walked around Birmingham. It was fun. I came home and went online.

Thursday: Becca and I were planning to go to Cranbrook today for some swimming but it was cloudy and really cold so that was canceled. I hung around but Mines saved me and suggested we go to Somerset so she could look for a shirt. We got Chinese food from the food court! I love chinese food now thanks to her. Came home, got ready for work, worked. came home.

Got my first pay check today!!!! The manager didn't include my first week of working though! It's only 6 hours but more than $36 I think I should say something because I need all the money I can get. If he doesn't give it to me...I'll sue! haha. I kinda wish I worked more but maybe I can work in the snack shack at the bhac. If I don't it's okay, but I need to start saving for back to school shopping lol and spring break. I want to cash my check so I can buy my cell phone but I don't know how to cash a check. haha. okay. that's about it. I'm going swimming tomorrow at csc hopefully and working tomorrow night. bye!

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These things are fun.... [08 Jul 2004|02:14am]
My Best Friend is wheredidnemogo
Our 10 common interests are: bad jokes, ice cream, jason mraz, maroon 5, movies, pink, shakira, spanish, the spice girls, water polo
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I am updating later. too tired now.

P.S. Who likes my new Andy Roddick icon that Cole made for me?!?! It's like he's screaming my name. Hehehe. Bye!
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