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Yesterday wasn't a good day.  But my friends made me happy so it was okay.  I went out to lunch with Becca and to Borders and then I had to work till 10:30 and when I came home the internet wasn't working so I was sad.  Becca and Nora came to get ice cream and we talked for a little bit after I got off work.  I can't really go out at night for a week so I came home and went to bed.  Today I got up and went to the library because the college book I put on hold came in.  It's 2000 pages long.  Since my computer was being annoying I went online here and researched phones.  My dad was home today from Marquette so after lunch he took me to T-Mobile. 

I GOT A NEW CELL PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yay.  It's not a camera phone, but it's a flip phone and I think it's cool.  It's a samsung e105.  I love it.  I only have like 1 number in my phone so comment and leave yours!  Hehe.  I'm hyper.  g2g. bye!

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