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It's been a couple days..I'm having a lot of fun this summer hanging out with friends every night. The other day I convinced my friends to see Napolean Dynamite. I really wanted to see it because it looked hilarious on the previews, and yes it was funny but it wasn't that great. My friends hated it and then we got in a fight. Hahahhaah. It was like our first fight ever and the greatest. I was mad at them for hating it and I thought they were being mean to me because i didn't want to see the Terminal. lol. the terminal sucks. anyways. haha

I slept over at Jenny's house last night with Becca and Nora. First we visited becca at Buddy's for dinner and went to jenny's to watch tv. We went in the hot tub and watched my best friends wedding. It was fun!! some good times from Nora's profile.
...look! they're dolphins!
...Take your hands off his body. We need you to take this down to PG., i got your napkins man, wtf
...hump hump hump
...we saw you steal a hamster

I'm not working too much lately. I don't even care. I'm thinking about college so much lately it's insane. Hmm..I just found out I'm going up north for two weeks. I'm really excited because I'll see everyone from last summer but those are like the last weeks of summer. I come home and it's time for band camp :( the only part of band camp I will enjoy is spending the last week with my friends in band. hahaha. I just took my varsity jacket into the varsity shop the other day and I am adding waterpolo to it, taking xc off. There is a number three under my name on the front...birmingham on the top on the back, a yellow polo ball, then groves and water polo. It's nothing special but I wanted to have the jacket for this year. My mom gave me and my sister some money so I'm going shopping for some school stuff tomorrow. yeah it sucks. school is soon. seniors-woohoo. That's about it. bye
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