Cat (woahbeans) wrote,

Back from Northport. It was fun. hanging out with Cory, James, Katie, seaholm kids, croquet, bonfires. now I am home and have a fun week to look forward to..a week of band camp, 5 nights of working, oh yeah, then school. ahhh. I need to make these last days of summer fun!

Last night Nora, Caitlin, Cole and I got our d squrred, hung out, went to qp. it was fun. random people were in the field with candles. then we saw becky and emma on the swings! i hadn't seen becky in like 60 days so it was exciting. Hmm. yeah. i have to go back to work in a half hour but i don't want to. i would rather watch the Olympics. swimming and gymnastics. lol.

that's about it. i'm not looking forward to band camp tomorrow. My sister is a freshman now and she'll be there! ahhh. i'm going to die.
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