Cat (woahbeans) wrote,

The last three days of band camp have been...long. and boring. At least this is the last camp ever because we are Seniors!! We have to march in some scrimmage tomorrow and we suck. whatever. We don't have to wear those bulky uniforms this year, just bands, a shirt, tie, and sunglasses?? i'm not sure.

I'm working every night this week. Ahh. I hope it rains and no one comes. I'm kinda tired. I slept over at Nora's house last night, with Becca. we watched some of chasing liberty, got about 4 hours of sleep and went to registration really early. I got number 9. I have never gotten lower than like 80 before. We got that done and went to IHOP but they closed their business for ever and we went to Einsteins.

At band camp, this movie director came from L.A. to film something about an asteroid coming to earth and we had to run in circles for like 20 minutes and i nearly died. Then we had to look in the sky and pretend we were scared or something. we weren't allowed to smile or we were cut out and i was laughing the whole time. It was messed up. I think the movie is called Atom 9 Adventures or something. I am definitely not going to see that one. The movie director is some kid in band camp's uncle. I don't know.

Two days of band camp, two days of weekend, two days of babysitting. Then school starts. My birthday is in....11 DAYS. woohoo. i'm going to post my schedule in here one day when it is corrected. okay, i need a nap. bye
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