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I have a lot to say. but i cannot write it all here. The past few days of summer have been some of the best. We met Mike. haha. skateboarding. beverly park. bill's car. ice cream. soccer game. swimming. basketball. friends. It was the best summer ever.

Now I'm back to school and I'm falling behind already. I have homework in about five classes on the first night, and being the slacker I am, I haven't finished it all. I still need to read a chapter for physics tomorrow, etc. The day was long and slow.

advanced writing: fun, mr. inloes is a good teacher
h. physics: eh..pretty small class which is good. but i don't like science
speech: there are like 3 seniors in the class, I know one other person a sophomore, so we are partners for the first speech. mrs. shaheen is interesting
band: same as always
ap economics: i will probably fail
ap spanish: it's at groves, yet there are only 6 groves kids in my class, and 13 from seaholm. i don't get it.
precalc: i have general lee. AHHHH.

I had to babysit tonight and it was probably the worst babysitting job EVER. I was lectured for 2-3 hours on Kerry vs. Bush, and how republicans suck. All coming from an 11 year old, wearing his little lacoste polo, and loafers. He was visiting his grandparents who know me, because he's on a trip from Manhattan where he lives. He's 11 and he drinks. I went to the bathroom, come back he's making a MARTINI. I quickly take that away. I turn my head for a second and he's trying to smoke his grandpa's pipe. He's says he does it all the time. He tells me he is going to major in Economics and become the President of the United States. I had to sit and watch Jeopardy with him. The kid knows more vocabulary than anyone I know, and talked about how gorgeous venice is for an hour. The four hours I spent with this kid were probably the four slowest hours of my life, but when they gave me $60 in the end, $15 an hour wasn't so bad. It's going to the spring break fund...

SENIORITIS. I do not want to go to school tomorrow. back to the homework.
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