Cat (woahbeans) wrote,

  • Mood: birthday was okay. I got some nice presents from my family, like my varsity jacket and new clothes. School is okay...economics is hard and I do not understand anything. School is weird cause last year i had like 4 classes with Stephanie, and know I haven't seen her once this year. I haven't even seen her once in the hallway. I thought she didn't go to groves or something. lol.

Work is okay too. they close in November which is good. lol. and i babysit a few days a week. I need money if i go on spring break. Now I'm applying to colleges. I filled out two applications today. so i'm glad I finally got around to starting. I still have to do a few essays though. and get my recommendations. I really don't know where I want to go.. AHHH.

My family minus my dad and I went up north so it's kinda quiet in the house and i have time to fill this stuff out. and it's good because my dad doesn't care about anything. So i better go finish this app. then i'm going to a midnight movie (fast times at ridgemont high) in bham. adios.
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